Basic Computing Classes

Introduction to Computers
• Computer components
• Email
• Web browsing
• Facebook and other social media basics
• Some of the basics of Office products
• Bring any other equipment you have questions about.
• Grab your laptop and join us
• You can use one of ours for class

Traveling the internet safely and avoiding scams
• Grab your laptop
• Use one of ours
• Safe ways to browse the internet
• How to avoid scams
• Look at pop-up ads 

HIPAA Training

• Yearly required training for all employees
• New hires and current employees
• Retraining for employees with HIPAA violations
• Refresher courses as required
• One on One or group 

Security for Business Class

• Great starter course
• For all business types
• Physical security
• Information security
• Processes and procedures
• Go over the basics of security
• Something more? Contact us for specialized training 

Computer Building Class

• Have 3 levels of desktops to build
• Bring your own to put together
• Purchase the OS and Office from us at a major discount
• Go over the basics
• What the different parts are and what they do
• How one is put together
• Walk through hardware install
• Install the operating system
• Install basic software 

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