We are your risk management & compliance company.

We are a company that is versatile when meeting the needs of dental and medical practices ensuring that they are HIPAA & PCI-DSS compliant. 

We work with small and startup businesses with their IT security requirements, ensure their compliance, and technology needs are met.

We willingly work with individuals to ensure that their office and home computer systems and networks are as secure as possible.

FREE Consultation

We do a free consultation to get to know you and where your organization is at with your compliance. 

IT Security & Compliance

• HIPAA compliance is complex
• HIPAA compliance can be expensive if not followed
• HIPAA fines start at $31,000
• HHS has a Wall of Shame for violators
• HIPAA compliance costs less when you start early
• PCI-DSS compliance is complex
• PCI-DSS compliance isn’t just about credit cards
• Compliance violation can cause a huge loss of reputation
• Have almost 10 years experience in compliance

Business Services

• Network installation
• Network configuration
• Computer installation
• Computer configuration
• Cyber Security configuration
• Cyber Security audits
• Cyber Security Documentation
• Backups 

Training & Classes

• Computer basics
• Internet Safety
• Social media basics
• Individualized HIPAA yearly training
• System building for beginners
• Individual training at home 

Home Services

• Come to you to resolve issues
• Help over the phone
• Help using remote desktop services
• Clean viruses and malware
• Help setting up home networks & devices
• Help with internet service issues
• Scheduled checkups for your computer
• Have 15 years of experience 

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