Applegate Computer Technology & Security

The company started out as a side business doing computer and network support for home users by Jeff Applegate. As time has progressed we have seen what happens when people become infected by a virus, trojan horse, or some other unwanted software/malware. Our focus then changed to wanting to help protect more people by looking at compliance. Our newest focus is on HIPAA compliance, PCI compliance, and good security practices to meet the needs and requirements of businesses. This includes businesses that don't fall into HIPAA or PCI compliance.  We help those business ensure that they aren't releasing information that could compromise their customers. We do this through proper processes and procedures along with patching and vulnerability management. We still look after our home users as well.

We're here for you, please contact us with your technology and security questions.  

Jeff Applegate

Bachelors degree in Cyber Security & Forensics
Working on Masters of Business Administration emphasising in Cyber Security
Certified HIPAA Security Professional
Microsoft Technical Associate Certifications  - IT Infrastructure & Database

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